Hodder Law Weekly Newsletter – May 1, 2023

Hello everyone, nnI hope you are all having a great week! The price of Bitcoin as of Monday, May 1 at 1:34 a.m. EST is $28,531.


,,Voyager Digital says Binance.us terminated its $1B deal. Binance.us had a clause allowing them to withdraw from the Voyager bankruptcy purchase if it wasn’t completed within four months. Binance.us blamed the regulatory climate in the United States, which has become unpredictable and hostile towards the crypto community.

,,Will MiCA become the global standard for crypto regulation? The Markets in Crypto Assets legislation recently passed by the European Parliament could be a standard for other jurisdictions worldwide. Let’s hope the result is better than the regulation-by-enforcement strategy implemented in the US.

,,Incoming ‘FedCoin’ will track everyone in new 1984-style system, says Robert Kiyosaki. In his latest Rich Dad Radio Show, Kiyosaki warns listeners of the FedCoin CBDC. “They’ll track every move and know everything we’re spending money on and who we give it to, so it becomes George Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother will watch you through your money.”

,,United States’ first Bitcoin real estate marketplace launches through Coinbase integration. This revolutionary innovation in the real estate industry launched in Texas on April 20 and will expand to other States in June. This platform allows individuals worldwide to purchase or sell residential or commercial real estate with crypto in as little as one business day.

,,The leftist Bitcoin culture war won’t win mass adoption. Although many from the progressive left and the MSM like to demonize Bitcoin, they might change their minds if they started to understand the potential for revolutionary change in the financial sector. While Bitcoin maximalists already share a fringe vision of what Bitcoin should be about, the mainstream masses and working classes could have the most to gain from a Bitcoin revolution.

,,How an Ordinals collection could accelerate El Salvador’s Bitcoin progress. Galaxy Research estimates that the market for Bitcoin Ordinals could grow to $4.5 billion by 2025. If El Salvador gets creative about how they market digital art through Bitcoin Ordinals, it could accelerate the pace of their Bitcoin economy.

,,Here are six new projects looking to mitigate Bitcoin mining’s energy footprint. Through creative technological innovations like efficient cooling, where Bitcoin mining incentivizes sustainability, creating a better financial system can be symbiotic with protecting our environment. With renewable energy credits and the tokenizing of clean Bitcoin, there is a sustainable path forward for the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
-Jim Rohn

Make it a great week!

Sasha Hodder
Hodder Law

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