Sasha A. Hodder, MBA, Esq.

Helping crypto entrepreneurs navigate the US regulatory landscape.



Sasha Hodder is the Founder of the Hodder Law Firm and a attorney licensed in Florida.

Sasha operates at the forefront of fintech and cryptocurrency law, and has a long record of guiding businesses through the complexities of digital currency regulation and expansion.

As Senior Counsel at Exodus Movement, Inc., Hodder orchestrated legal strategies for a groundbreaking tokenized Reg A+ offering, which successfully raised $75 million. This role melded legal expertise with operational leadership, backing a diverse team and adeptly overseeing a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet service.

Long before crypto became mainstream, Sasha Hodder has strategically put Hodder Law on the forefront of innovation by gaining deep technical expertise at the intersection of crypto-tech, fintech, regulation and law.
Hodder Law’s advisory services have extended across a spectrum of crypto pioneers, blending legal insight with product, compliance, and marketing teams in the US, APAC, and Europe. Sasha has refined a versatile skill set, liaising with US regulators like FinCEN, OFAC, the SEC, and various state bank regulators.

In the realm of securities law, Sasha has facilitated Rule 506(b) and (c) and Regulation S private placements, as well as spearheaded a novel tokenized Regulation A+, Tier 2, public offering. Beyond legal practice, Sasha actively engages with the broader community, serving on multiple Boards of Directors and hosting the HODLCast Podcast, where she has conducted over 100 interviews with industry leaders.

Additionally, Sasha regularly contributes to the legal community’s education by offering a Florida Bar CLE course on crypto law. Sasha also publishes comments on various regulatory issues and is a sought after legal expert and public speaker by media outlets such as Coindesk and Bitcoin Magazine.

Licensed to practice in Florida, Sasha Hodder brings the same competitive drive that propelled her to the top of national sales rankings in the mutual fund industry and earned her over 30 Canadian national championships in kayaking, rowing, and swimming, channeling this passionate energy into her dedicated advocacy for the crypto sector.


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