Hodder Law Weekly Crypto Newsletter – October 5, 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week! The price of Bitcoin as of this writing is $19,899. Tone Vays predicts this is the last chance to buy under $20K.


Headlines this week:

Developers can now issue assets like stablecoins on bitcoin.

Lightning Labs announced the alpha release of their Taro open-source software enabling developers to mint, send and receive assets on the bitcoin blockchain. #HighVolume #LowFees #Privacy.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Temporarily Halts Payments and Withdrawals From US Bank Accounts.

For a few hours on the weekend, Coinbase was unable to take payments or make withdrawals involving U.S. bank accounts. The technical problem causing the issue has since been resolved, the company stated. #NotYourKeysNotYourCoins

SEC charged Kim Kardashian $1.26 Million for touting.

Kim earned $250,000 in exchange for promoting Ethereum Max on her instagram and not disclosing her compensation. The SEC deemed the ERC 20 Token, EMAX, to be a security. #SECisRuthless

Tornado Cash Ban Will Aid China’s AI Goals.

If the US government fears China’s progress in artificial intelligence, why is it giving Beijing a treasure trove of highly valuable crypto data to train its machine learning models? #PrivacyisGood

Ex-Celsius CEO Withdrew $10M Weeks Before Company Froze Customer Accounts.

The DOJ Examiner could view this as fraud. Rumors are circulating that he and his wife are now on the run. SBF has expressed an interest to buy the Company, and Simon Dixon is partnering with SALT for a re-organization proposal. The examiner is beefing up its legal team. Other insiders resigned this week. #GoingtoJail?

Hacker Exploits Platform Bug To Syphon $23m From Transit Swap – gives it back the next day.

Transit Finance hired security teams from SlowMist, Bitrace, and Peckshield and they were able to track the hacker and within hours gained vital information identifying them. The amount recovered equates to about $16.2 million in crypto. #TeamWork

Hagerty Introduces Legislation to Provide Regulatory Clarity for Digital Assets.

The bill intends to provide digital asset exchanges with a safe harbor from certain enforcement actions by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). #GoTennessee

THE END OF OOKI DAO – CFTC FILES MAJOR LAWSUIT. HODLCast Ep. 132.This case is really shameful. The California judge agreed that the CFTC could serve the DAO via an online chat, and then used state slip and fall case as their legal precedent to treat the DAO as an unincorporated association. Full blog here.

Make it a great week!


Sasha Hodder

Hodder Law



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