Hodder Law Has a New Look

Hodder Law is proud to unveil its newly designed brand and website. Developed by the talented team at Rankplan, the re-design entails a comprehensive update of logo and corporate identity as well as the launch of a completely new website.

Hodder Law Website Redesign

As Hodder Law is growing, expanding and also maturing, it was time to buy a new suit. The new brand identity reflects our firm’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking legal representation. The new look includes a redesigned logo, website, and marketing materials.

“The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and we are committed to evolving with it,” said Sasha Hodder, founding partner at Hodder Law. “Our new brand identity reflects our dedication to providing our clients with the most up-to-date legal representation possible, while still upholding the values of trust, integrity, and personalized service that have been the hallmarks of our firm for many years.”

Unveiling the new Hodder Law Logo

The logo was crafted by Rankplan’s talented designer, Mersad Comaga, known for his ability to blend classic elements with contemporary trends. The chosen color palette of dark ultramarine blue and white establishes a sense of professionalism and authority, while the use of Futura for the wordmark provides a sharp, timeless basis to the brand’s overall aesthetic.

The lady of liberty emblem was slightly enhanced removing the blindfold. While some may roll their eyes, we believe justice needs eyes wide open to fight for truth and keep the law just.

The scale in her hands shows a bitcoin and a fiat symbol, reminding us of Hodder Law’s focus on cryptocurrency, technology and freedom.

Welcome to our new Hodder Law Website

With the new brand identity established, Rankplan’s next step was to overhaul the Hodder Law website. The new site was built from the ground up to be highly performant and fast, addressing the sluggishness of the old Wix site. The development team ensured that the new website was responsive, providing an optimal browsing experience on various devices, a crucial factor in today’s mobile-first world.

To enhance the site’s functionality, Rankplan added numerous new features, including an improved navigation system, integrated social media feeds, and a streamlined content management system that allows Hodder Law’s staff to update content effortlessly. The payment functionality was also transferred and enhanced, providing a seamless online transaction experience for clients purchasing legal documents and services.

Enhanced Marketing Materials

Hodder Law’s new marketing materials, including brochures, presentations, and social media content, have also been redesigned to be aligned with the new brand identity. The new materials are visually appealing and informative, and they provide potential clients with a clear understanding of the firm’s services and expertise.

We are very proud of our new brand design and website and are looking forward to our clients feedback. We hope you like it and if you are ever in need of an office mug, please check out our new shop.

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