Hoddder Law Weekly Crypto Newsletter – October 12, 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week! The price of Bitcoin as of Wednesday, October 12 at 11:35 EDT is $19,104.


Visa launches FTX-linked Crypto Debit Cards in 40 Countries.

The cards are linked directly to the holder’s FTX account, enabling them to easily convert and pay for goods and services with the crypto balance in their FTX wallets, with zero fees. There are over 80 million merchant locations worldwide accepting Visa. #SBFwinning

Massive objections to the CFTC’s service of the Ooki DAO lawsuit via chat.

The DeFi Education Fund said, “it would not just result in a serious misjustice, but also will chill novel innovation and innovative forms of governance and software development in the United States.” This filing comes right after the LeXpunK Army filed a similar motion to join the case. #AutonomousLawyers

India Will Soon Test ‘E-Rupee’ Digital Currency.

The Reserve Bank of India proposed a central bank national cryptocurrency. RBI cited China and 16 other countries moving forward with similar plans as reasoning for their action. #CasteSystemOnSte

What’s Inside the FSOC’s Long-awaited Report on Crypto Regulation.

The Financial Stability Oversight Council’s report asks Congress to get involved in defining where the limits of securities regulation should be. What divides a crypto security and a crypto commodity, and where does the SEC’s authority end and the FFTC’s authority begin? #ExhangeRegulationComingSoon

SEC investigating Bored Ape NFTs.

The SEC is apparently examining Yuga Labs as to whether the NFTs are more like stocks. The most expensive bored ape sold for $3.5 million. So far, NFTs have escaped SEC regulation because they are considered like baseball trading cards, created as a good or service for consumption purposes. #GetLobbying

Why Celsius Doxxed 500,000 Users.

Celsius bankruptcy judge ordered Celsius to publish a 14,500 page document revealing the name of each of its users, their wallet address, transaction history, and crypto holdings. Many proclaimed Bitcoin Maximalists on Twitter are showing up on the CelsiusNetworth website. #Doxxed&Rugged

PayPal Partners with ADL to Fight Extremism and Protect Marginalized Communities.

PayPal announced it would impose $2,500 fines to users who post “misinformation” online, then redacted the statement as a mistake, it will only actually fine for “intolerance.” PayPal will research & report on how extremist and hate movements are funding criminal activity. #DeletePayPal #GoodByeOldFriend

I’ll be Speaking at the FBBS Summit in Tampa Nov 4. Hope to see you there! The goal of the Summit is to make Florida the world leader in blockchain and financial technology. It will be a meeting of stakeholders, businesses, and political leaders from around the world. Use discount code Fbba1001 when purchasing your tickets. #FloridaBitcoinState

HODLCast Ep. 133The Celsius Saga continues. Users were doxxed and scammed. Insiders like Mashinsky allegedly withdrew hundreds of millions. The Independent Examiner is conducting an investigation. Dates are being set for the sale of assets. Restructuring plans need to be submitted fast. Full blog here.

Make it a great week!


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