Final Court Rule: Craig Wright is a Charlatan not Satoshi

The game is over for Craig Steven Wright. In a monumental legal decision, Justice Mellor delivered a scathing 231-page judgement that decisively discredited Craig Wright’s claims to being Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

What followers of Hodder Law have already known for years is now official. CSW is a clown and not Satoshi.

The verdict not only upheld all claims made by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) but also exposed Wright’s extensive fraudulent activities. For those familiar with Wright’s controversial history, this outcome was unsurprising, yet it delivered a definitive blow to his already tarnished reputation.

COPA’s Victory: A Clean Sweep

The legal battle culminated in a total victory for COPA. Justice Mellor’s judgement, meticulously detailed in 945 paragraphs, was unambiguous in its findings: Wright’s assertions were entirely unsubstantiated. The judgement effectively dismantled Wright’s credibility, with Justice Mellor unable to find a single piece of evidence supporting Wright’s claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto (refer to paragraph 929).

Wright’s claims have long been a contentious issue within the cryptocurrency community. While some of his followers, particularly supporters of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), might have harbored hopes for a different outcome, the judgement confirmed what many already believed. Wright has never been relevant to Bitcoin in any legitimate capacity; his role has been one of attempting to hijack the cryptocurrency for personal gain.

Fraudulent Evidence and Discredited Testimonies

One of the most damning aspects of the judgement was the total discrediting of Wright’s evidence. Justice Mellor legally labeled Wright’s submissions as ‘fraudulent,’ a determination that carries significant legal and reputational consequences. This assessment aligns with the broader sentiment in the cryptocurrency community, which has long viewed Wright’s claims with skepticism.

Justice Mellor’s opinion of Wright’s witnesses was equally harsh. He found them irrelevant, unreliable, and in many cases, untruthful. In stark contrast, COPA’s witnesses were praised for their professionalism, truthfulness, and credibility. Madden’s evidence, in particular, was lauded as independent, thorough, and exemplary. The court noted that even Wright’s own expert witness corroborated the majority of Madden’s findings, a point that further undermined Wright’s position.

The Impact on BSV and Wright’s Associates

The judgement’s implications extend beyond Wright himself. Justice Mellor noted that BSV, despite its claims of being the original Bitcoin, is indeed a fork of Bitcoin (section 331). This clarification undermines the narrative propagated by BSV supporters and reinforces the legitimacy of Bitcoin as the true original cryptocurrency.

Justice Mellor was also critical of Stefan Matthews, CEO of nChain, implying that he, too, engaged in deceptive practices. This association with large-scale fraud could have significant repercussions for nChain and its leadership. BSV, already grappling with security and centralization issues, now faces an additional burden of being linked to fraud on a public and legal level.

The Future for Craig Wright

Given the thorough and damning nature of Justice Mellor’s judgement, it is extraordinarily unlikely that Wright will appeal the decision. Any attempt to do so would be ill-advised, given the overwhelming evidence and the unequivocal language used in the judgement.

While there was no immediate order for relief, Justice Mellor deferred this to a later date. Moreover, although there was no recommendation for criminal action in this ruling, the judgement hints at the potential for future legal consequences. The sheer scale of the fraud perpetrated by Wright suggests that further legal actions could follow.

Conclusion: Reaping What You Sow

Craig Wright’s defeat in this case is a powerful reminder of the consequences of deceit. His legal, financial, and reputational standing has been thoroughly dismantled. This judgement serves as a cautionary tale within the cryptocurrency community and beyond, underscoring the importance of integrity and the inevitable downfall that comes from fraudulent actions.

For the cryptocurrency world, this case is a significant milestone. It reinforces the legitimacy of Bitcoin and discredits those who attempt to falsely claim its origins for personal gain.

As the dust settles, the community can look forward to a future with one less fraudster in its midst, reaffirming the principles that underpin the world’s first decentralized digital currency.

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